Nick Tan

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of Video powerhouse, Anonymous Production and 360VR Asia. Essentially our boss man.


Business Development Acct. Director

An Opportunist and Strategist. Josh is always quick on his toes.



Our home grown producer. Beverly sprouts plentiful of ideas crafted and designed for corporate showcases.


Senior Assistant Producer & Biz. Dev.

Our team’s little fairy. Ready to rescue you from any sink hole you fall into.

Joo Chin

Assistant Producer

Joo carries a solar panel wiith her. Joo’s energy never depletes because stored energy is utilised at night.


Assistant Producer

Don’t be fooled by that Tudong. Zul is a master of 4 languages. Eng, Malay, Chinese and Korean.


Assistant Producer

Our newest member to the team. Meek and gentle in the day, party animal by night.


Senior Graphic Designer

Motto: SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! Karwai never sleeps. Literally. Call her at 4am for last minute design changes and she’s ready to rescue.


Education Director

Teacher, Actor, film maker, director, strategist and storyteller. Too long, so we keep it to just “Education Director”

John Tan

Marketing Strategist

Our solutions go to guy. John is more than just Lao Jiao. He knows his finances in and out.